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Professional Benefit Plans, Inc. is a total service retirement consulting firm. We can do it all, from the early phases of design and installation to the ongoing process of administration and consulting. We want you to feel confident that you have the best retirement program. Service is not just important to us. It's everything! We make it a priority to find ways we can make our clients happy. We do this by finding out your needs, then going to work to fill them. 

Every company is unique with special needs and particular challenges. Professional Benefit Plans, Inc. will work with you to ensure that your retirement program is tailored to meet your unique requirements. 





We provide a Comprehensive administrative service that consists of six components:



  • Determine type and design plan 


Plan Administration

  • Collect employee and trust data

  • Compute individual benefit amounts

  • Allocate contributions, forfeitures and investment earnings

  • Maintain individual and overall account records

  • Coordinate plan operations with other professional advisors

  • Plan termination processing


Government Reports

Preparation of required governmental forms, including:

  • Annual Return (Form 5500 Series)

  • Summary Annual Report (SAR)

  • Actuarial Certification (Schedule B)

  • Insurance Information (Schedule A)


Continuing Communications

  • Preparation of annual benefit statements and reports

  • Plan presentation to staff participants


Benefit Payment & Distribution Planning

  • Compute termination benefits and calculate tax breakdowns

  • Furnish joint survivor information and alternative payment forms


Management & Fiduciary Information

  • Determination of allowable contribution ranges

  • Consultation with trustees, committees or executives

  • Notification of changes in governmental policies or regulations

  • Information on current trends and developments


Grant Itokazu


(510) 632-0238 ext: 207

John Gaerlan

Plan Consultant

(510) 632-0238 ext: 205

Batt Sartmool

(510) 632-0238 ext: 222

Eny Darsono

(510) 632-0238 ext: 241

Mary Vila

(510) 632-0238 ext: 250

Tatin Mouzoun

(510) 632-0238 ext: 221

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